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To help me get this project into a better place financially, I am shamelessly asking for…

No amount is too small, as a matter of fact, if every person on my email list gave $1, I’d be sorted out very well! I also understand these are weird times in the world so if you are not in secure place, please keep your money for yourself and your family. Only donate if you can! And for now, until I can get a better framework in place, these have to be straight donations (if you’d like to pay to preorder a book or get special benefits, head over to PATREON). But know that I am currently working on more ways to preorder/get benefits in ways beyond Patreon, because I understand that many people would rather use another site. I promise I’m working on it and will update you soon!

To make it clear, I am not doing this for financial gain. Do I want this story to gain fame and worldwide exposure? Of course. But not because I personally want to be famous (I mean, I am using a fake name) but because places like Elan still exist and this entire industry needs to be exposed for the corrupt shit-stain on humanity that it represents.