Chapter 87: News

First off, I loved reading all of your guesses! Many basically had it correct but only one person mentioned the specific detail I was looking for:

I wasn’t sure that anyone would be able to pinpoint that detail so congrats! I’ll shoot you a message (soon). You’ve won a signed copy of the comic and I’m going to make a little sketch for you on the inside.

Also, a quick update for anyone interested in owning a physical copy of this comic when it finishes, I have recently started to put that together and it’s going to be massive, think Walking Dead – Compendium One (and that was originally priced at $59.99). The very first printing will be the “Patreon Edition” and a couple weeks ago it sold out in the $25 tier. I was going to raise the price (by a lot) but decided to raise it to $28 as a special deal that will end with the year 2022. So on Jan 1st, 2023, I am going to raise it to (at least) $35. So if you have the chance, get it before then. Remember, you only need to pay that tier ONE TIME to secure that copy, and if you stay in the tier month after month, I’m going to send you a signed one, or one with a sketch, or any number of other cool items along with it.

Also, I completely understand that a lot of people want a copy but don’t want to necessarily mess with Patreon. I totally get that. But since the funding for this started there, I really feel I need to remain true to the Patrons. That being said, after the “Patreon Edition” is out for printing (and that edition will never be printed again), there will be an opportunity to buy the basic version of the book using simpler methods, so don’t worry!

Again, thank you all for everything, the guesses, the messages, the donations, the patronage, the vocal support online, EVERYTHING.