3: Brighter Days

3: Brighter Days

I was pulled to the showers, By another man, and another kid., i was caught. nothing was said. i was simply escorted into the house as if nothing had happened.,

institutionalization, always starts with a lice shower., like a baptism for fuck-ups., i had never before been forced to take off my clothes in front of complete strangers.,

 in Elan they empty your pockets,, you’re given “no image” clothes., and steal your clothes., take jewelry,, this is the beginning of your dehumanization and also forces you to accept that you are powerless.,

 you’re given “no image” clothes., image, (any unique aspect of your personality), your style of clothes jewelry, type of haircut the way that you talk music that you identify with , then things started getting a little bit... cult-y,

your “image”, is the first thing elan deletes., elan starteD destroying your sense of identity from day one. they then turned these “identity” aspects into privileges that needed to be earned.,

 you start from nothing., resist and get even less., rule #1, rule #2,

since i tried to “split”,, for example:, split = run away, no laces for a month., without laces your shoes become worthless, it is hard enough to walk, let alone run away. ,

A bright yellow shirt., A “Split-risk” was specifically given:, this isn’t just a signal to the other elan residents. it also works well for the men in the woods.,

and (very) Little pink shorts., they want to humiliate me?, we’ll see about that..., elan was built on peer humiliation. used against teenagers, this is an extremely effective weapon.





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