2: Running on Empty

2: Running on Empty

we reached our destination., we reached our destination, to my new handlers., i was passed like a cigarette, it looked like a run-down, dilapidated trailer-park., something about the place just felt... off.,

I had a plan., One was a kid, like , me., One was a man., one was a kid like me., The other was a man., or more accurately, instinct kicked in.,

 the choice was obvious., sorry dude..., what in the fuck was going on? why was I taken to this place? what the hell am I going to do? ,

guess these suckers just weren’t prepared for someone like me. , I refuse to be taken captive without a fight.,

freedom was in my sights!

those two will, catch me, but..., N E V E R,

the men posted in the woods will., elan ain’t stupid., sorry dude...



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